Evidence-based telemedicine solutions so women & their families can thrive.

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For Organizations

When you're on the frontlines of delivering care, and you're ready to expand your reach with telemedicine, you're dealing with dozens of obstacles.

And this is why you need a telemedicine solution that helps you think strategically and holistically about each of those issues.  Have questions about your own program?

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For Patients

We know exactly what it's like when pregnancy and parenting get complicated, mostly because we've been there, too, and have been helping families like yours for over two decades.

When you need an extra level of support to help solve some of your biggest challenges, Sonder Health's clinical experts are here to help.


Who We Serve

Our experts provide a full-service women's healthcare solution to give you the tools and resources you need to

increase access, change outcomes, and help make telemedicine a reality.

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More than 50+ Years of Combined Experience.

We have the know-how you need.

It's coded in our genes - this unyielding passion to show up with everything we have in order to transform lives.

And we know it's coded in yours, too.

In our 50+ years of combined experience in the healthcare world, we haven't just watched telemedicine evolve.  We've been at the forefront of its change, leading the way in order to achieve a singular goal: We're here to provide evidence-based healthcare solutions so that women and their families can thrive.

So whether we're helping you leverage technology in order to increase health outcomes or working alongside you as a partner in a larger vision, when our mission combines with your passion, the end is always live-changing care.

Our Comprehensive Suite of Telemedicine Solutions

Our Results in Numbers

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Latest Clinical Study -

Clinical Lactation, 2021

Read how our telelactation program provided access to skilled, comprehensive clinical lactation care and documents a strong use case for telelactation services.

Click HERE to access the study.

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Executive TEAM

Our executive team is made up of thought leaders and experts in digital health, healthcare IT, pediatrics, behavioral health, and perinatal services.

Lauren Majors, IBCLC

Co-founder, President

Sylvia Romm, MD, CLC

Founder, Executive Chair

Michele Behme, RN-C

Chief Executive Officer

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Our Respective Partners

Hear How We are Helping to Transform Lives

“Being able to schedule an online appointment not only offers a great deal of convenience but also provides access to mothers whose hospitals do not provide lactation consultants.


For many small communities, accessing a lactation consultant could involve a long drive to another city, so have help a click away provides access to those who would otherwise be isolated”

— Beeb, patient

Mother Working from Home

"I love how using video allows the [Lactation] Consultant to assist with latching, breast pain due to feeding issues or questions about milk supply in real time."

— Amber, patient

Want to work with us?

Get a full-scale analysis of your organization and see if you are ready for digital transformation to increase access, change outcomes, and close clinical care gaps. 


We work with clients nationwide helping their

telemedicine programs grow and succeed.


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