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Sonder Health's virtual clinic is helping patients quickly and conveniently get clinical lactation and nutrition care with no barriers to access or quality trained providers. 

Telelactation Services 

Utilizing trained telehealth board certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs) can help increase the initiation, duration, and exclusivity of breastfeeding while providing expert care that is accessible and convenient.


Telenutrition Services

Sonder Health's TeleNutrition Lifestyle Program (TNLP) provides cost effective telemedicine and evidence-based patient navigation tools, helping organizations expand access to a qualified network of providers while helping adults solve nutrition problems that typically are only received from in-office care.


Prenatal Virtual Reality

Designed specifically to support prenatal education, pregnancy-related pain management, mindfulness, and postpartum care leveraging the power of VR.


Training and Education

Sonder Health's Telemedicine education and speaking services are performed with activities designed to understand your current state scenarios and make recommendations in alignment with best practices. 


An innovative partnership that delivers proven results

Across the United States, women don’t have access to the care they need, and as a result, we have some of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the nation. 

That’s why we’re thinking differently about women’s health here at Sonder Health. 

We’re using technology, education, and expertise to help organizations like you change the statistics.

And the numbers are in: It’s working.

Discover how a partnership with us can work for you.

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Why Choose Sonder Health?

We can answer that with one word: Increase

  • INCREASE clinical support 
  • INCREASE access to affordable care 
  • INCREASE innovation + and proven models of care 
  • INCREASE quality improvement initiatives 
  • INCREASE number of providers in underserved areas
  • INCREASE healthy family education

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All The Tools You Need to Build a Successful Digital Health Program

Our experts provide a full-service women's healthcare solution to give you the tools and resources you need to increase access, change outcomes, and help make telemedicine a reality.

All The Tools You Need to Build a Successful Digital Health Program

Our experts provide a full-service women's healthcare solution to give you the tools and resources you need to increase access, change outcomes, and help make telemedicine a reality.

"Shoshana is fantastic!

She was a HUGE help to me and I am grateful!"

"This service is so helpful and convenient.

I would highly recommend this service to any new mother."

"Loved my consultant!

Answered all my questions with a smile and easy-to-understand info!"

Sonder Health is a proud official partner of The National Save Moms Campaign.

The U.S. has the highest rate of maternal mortality among all western countries and the number of deaths is increasing.   

Daily blood pressure monitoring, remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and education are effective prevention methods.

Ensuring that pregnant women have access to care is paramount. 

There is a role for everyone in protecting the lives of women and their babies during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. 


National Save Moms Campaign

Tune In to REACH Radio!

Podcast Summary: Sonder Health takes expectant and post-birth mothers’ health to the next level.

Lauren Majors, co-founder and president of Sonder Health took this bull by the horns and is now changing the life of a lot of patients. Breastfeeding is one of the most significant issues they work on since this has been controversial in the healthcare industry for the last couple of years. They are making sure that there are clinical professionals available for these women, that there's reimbursement for the professionals providing those services, and in the end, helping mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals. She also shares a deep dive into how stakeholders hold power for change, what advancements she sees in the field, and what will come in the near future. Also, don’t miss the resources she mentions; they may benefit you a lot! 

Key Takeaways -

🌟 Breastfeeding is a public health priority. 

🌟 There has to be specific language to write what a service includes. 

🌟 Every $500 spent costs $0.20 cents on a dollar to cover comprehensive support for preventative services for lactation. 

🌟 When organizations and stakeholders unite for a cause, a real impact is made. 

🌟 The pandemic pushed specialties to create a hybrid model of care with in-person and telehealth services available. 

🌟 For all the classes offered by hospitals, only 10% are being utilized.

Tune in and listen to a great conversation about women’s health. 

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Sonder Health had the honor of joining HITLAB at their annual Innovation Summit.

Dr. Fran Ayalasomayajula, MPH, MSMIS, Crystal Morgan, NP, IBCLC, and Lauren Majors, IBCLC lead the informative panel discussion on The Role of Digital Health and Social Factors on Maternal and Infant Health Equity. 

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