More than 50+ Years of Combined Experience.

We have the know-how you need.
It's coded in our genes - this unyielding passion to show up with everything we have in order to transform lives.
And we know it's coded in yours, too.
In our 50+ years of combined experience in the healthcare world, we haven't just watched telemedicine evolve.  We've been at the forefront of its change, leading the way in order to achieve a singular goal: We're here to provide evidence-based healthcare solutions so that women and their families can thrive.
So whether we're helping you leverage technology in order to increase health outcomes or working alongside you as a partner in a larger vision, when our mission combines with your passion, the end is always live-changing care.
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Retrospective Analysis of a Nationwide Telelactation Program

Lauren Majors, IBCLC, RLC
Mary Unangst, IBCLC, RLC
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Sonder Health Expands Maternal Telehealth Capabilities

Sonder Health and BehaVR announced their partnership to offer NurtureVR, a first-of-its-kind way to liberate expectant mothers from stress, anxiety and fear through the power of virtual reality, as an additional support tool to users of Sonder Health’s telelactation and telenutrition clinical services.

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We sat down with Michele Behme, RN, CEO of Sonder Health to discuss all things digital health.

Executive nursing leadership with 20 years in behavioral health and decades of healthcare IT experience, Michele Behme, CEO of Sonder Health, weighs in on telemedicine and looking toward a post-pandemic landscape.

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Podcast: Telemedicine's Role in Providing Healthcare Solutions

In Southern Medical Association's (SMA) podcast, “Telemedicine’s Role in Providing Healthcare Solutions”, Andy Mohan, MD speaks with Michele Behme, RN, CEO of Sonder Health



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