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Want to implement telemedicine but don't know where to start?

business solutions Jan 08, 2021
You’re considering telemedicine for women and their families because you know the stats.
Stats like → 41% of women who use telemedicine say that without it, they would have had NOWHERE ELSE to go for medical care.
OR→ 92% of breastfeeding women have problems that can lead to serious medical issues if left untreated. In fact, we’ve discovered, 52% of those problems show up AFTER HOURS.
AND → 40.9% of neonatal hospital readmissions are due to infant feeding problems.
When you’re a provider or organization facing statistics like this, your driving question isn’t IF you need additional support.  
Instead, it’s this: HOW do we find the kind of support that’s going to help our patients + deliver solid ROI to our organization? 
The answer can’t be provided in a single post, but. . . if you’re in conversations with a telemedicine solution provider, here are 3 questions you’ll want to be asking.
  1. How will you help us address the top challenges to implementation: executive buy-in, governance, funding, EHR interoperability, staffing, reimbursement, regulatory changes, licensing, credentialing, and privileging (to name a few)?
  2. How will you help us develop and implement specialty-specific clinical policies and clinical pathways PRIOR TO LAUNCH?
  3. How will you help us ensure that referral management, ER/Urgent care policies, and quality review standards are in place to ensure patient safety?
As a woman-owned telemedicine company, we exist for one reason: We’re here to provide evidenced-based healthcare solutions so that women + their families can thrive.  
With nearly 50 years of combined experience in women's health, management consulting, healthcare IT, and telemedicine, we’ve been on the forefront of telemedicine’s evolution. Our telehealth services are created for employers, health systems, organizations, vendors, and above all, for patients. And our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants and Registered Dietitians provide care 365 days a year.
If we’re boiling all that down to brass tacks, here’s what we’re trying to say: You’re balancing hundreds of challenges and concerns, so we bring the experience, skill, and holistic perspective to help you (and your patients) get exactly where you need to be.
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