The American Academy of Pediatrics Updates Policy Guidance on Breastfeeding - 2022

In July 2022, the AAP released updated guidance on use of human milk for women, infants, and children.

“Human milk is all a baby needs for the first six months of life,” said Joan Younger Meek, MD, MS, RD, FAAP, FABM, IBCLC, lead author of the reports, written by the AAP Section on Breastfeeding. “Breast milk is unique in its nutrients and protective effects, and really quite remarkable when you look at what it does for a child’s developing immune system. Not everyone can breastfeed or continue breastfeeding for as long as desired for various reasons, including workplace barriers. Families deserve nonjudgmental support, information and help to guide them in feeding their infant.”

Also, the AAP "identifies stigma, lack of support and workplace barriers as obstacles that hinder continued breastfeeding".

Click here to read the press release.  Click here to read the policy statement.

#HIMSS22 REACH Maternal Health and Wellness Influencers' Luncheon

Tuesday was a great discussion re-imagining the future of maternal health and wellness and focusing on what we can to today.

Maternal health is a national priority as proclaimed by The White House, Office on Women’s Health, and the Surgeon General. Communities across the country are looking to public and private entities to work together to address the maternal mortality and morbidity crisis.

The purpose of this event was to provide a meeting ground for maternal health innovators, thought leaders, influencers, and other key stakeholders. 

List of topics included:

1. Maternal Health and Digital Health Tools
2. Perinatal Behavioral Health Support
3. Maternal Health and Chronic Disease Management
4. Maternal Health Policy and Regulations
5. Promoting Positive Birthing Experiences
6. Perinatal Nutrition for Life - Before Birth and Beyond

Tune In to REACH Radio!

Podcast Summary: Sonder Health takes expectant and post-birth mothers’ health to the next level.

Lauren Majors, co-founder and president of Sonder Health took this bull by the horns and is now changing the life of a lot of patients. Breastfeeding is one of the most significant issues they work on since this has been controversial in the healthcare industry for the last couple of years. They are making sure that there are clinical professionals available for these women, that there's reimbursement for the professionals providing those services, and in the end, helping mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals. She also shares a deep dive into how stakeholders hold power for change, what advancements she sees in the field, and what will come in the near future. Also, don’t miss the resources she mentions; they may benefit you a lot! 

Tune in and listen to a great conversation about women’s health. 

Key Takeaways -

🌟 Breastfeeding is a public health priority. 

🌟 There has to be specific language to write what a service includes. 

🌟 Every $500 spent costs $0.20 cents on a dollar to cover comprehensive support for preventative services for lactation. 

🌟 When organizations and stakeholders unite for a cause, a real impact is made. 

🌟 The pandemic pushed specialties to create a hybrid model of care with in-person and telehealth services available. 

🌟 For all the classes offered by hospitals, only 10% are being utilized.


March 2nd is the 36th anniversary of the founding of the IBCLC.

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants provide comprehensive clinical lactation care, improve outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and help to save lives!

Read more to learn about the efficacy of the IBCLC.


Podcast: Telemedicine's Role in Providing Healthcare Solutions

In Southern Medical Association's (SMA) podcast, “Telemedicine’s Role in Providing Healthcare Solutions”, Andy Mohan, MD speaks with Michele Behme, RN, CEO of Sonder Health about ways the healthcare firm utilizes telemedicine to deliver care, discusses how this technology is able to provide lactation and nutrition consultations through the company’s network of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants and Registered Dietitians. She also explains how quality can be achieved through such a service and provides insight into potential regulatory barriers and how to best address them.

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The Role of Digital Health and Social Factors on Maternal and Infant Health Equity 

Sonder Health had the honor of joining HITLAB for the Fall 2021 Innovation Summit on December 2nd.

Dr. Fran Ayalasomayajula, MPH, MSMIS, Crystal Morgan, NP, IBCLC, and Lauren Majors, IBCLC lead the informative panel discussion on The Role of Digital Health and Social Factors on Maternal and Infant Health Equity. 

Happy Mama Expo 2021 Innovation Showcase 

Sonder Health is a proud partner and had the honor of participating in the Happy Mama Expo 2021! Our own Co-founder and President, Lauren Majors IBCLC shared her journey from a mother to co-founder of Sonder Health. She led her talk over the topic: Modern Day Boobie Traps: All Pumped Up And What To Do When Breastfeeding is a Letdown. 

We celebrated with the Happy Mama's and are continuing to work together to advance better health outcomes for families all over the US. Our partnership with Happy Mama continues to aim to close the gaps in care created so women and families can thrive!

Sonder Health receives award at the Women's Health Tech Challenge 

Among developed countries the United States has one of the highest childbirth related morality rates. In the US, healthcare disparities exist as women of color are disproportionately affected by maternal mortality rates. To help combat this issue, Sonder Health aims to improve maternity outcomes. The platform provides a wide variety of services including tools and resources, and even has a telemedicine platform.

Rhia Ventures selected Sonder Health to receive a $5,000 award at the Women’s Health Tech Challenge in 2020. This partnership has allowed Sonder Health to exponentially grow and expand, while continuing to reach more women.

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Check out our newly published clinical study from Clinical Lactation in partnership with Amwell.

Our telelactation program provided access to skilled, comprehensive clinical lactation care and documented a strong use case for telelactation services.

Access Clinical Lactation Study 

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