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Our Promise

"At Sonder Health, our mission is simple - to offer trusted guidance from our clinical experts, providing care and support through telemedicine.... through our approach, we aim to solve common challenges, to make telemedicine easy to adopt and effortless to implement."

- Michele Behme, RN, CEO

We're Real.

We are clinicians, consultants, coaches and mothers who understand firsthand the need for stronger partnerships when it comes to women’s health. Whether we’re working with you, your clients, or your patients, we share your same passion and your same commitment to evidence-based care because (like you) we’re here to help women and their families get access to life-changing healthcare.​

"My lactation consultant continues to be substantially knowledgeable. She checks in with me weekly to assure all is going well with this new process for me. Breastfeeding wouldn’t be going this smoothly without her!" 

- Sonder Health Patient, 2021

We're Invested.

We're uniquely positioned to help you improve health outcomes, while also watching out for your bottom line. More than a technology platform and more than an app, we are healthcare solution providers who show up as your partners, offering all solutions of our expertise, all of our passion, and all of our resources to help you achieve measurable and actionable results.

“One of the things that is so great about Lauren and Michele is they've got such a heavy consulting technology background. They understand the telehealth space well, and that brings so much value to me.” 

- Brian Schroeder, CEO, Preventia Group, LLC

We're Driven.

In our 50+ years of combined experience in the healthcare world, we haven't just watched telemedicine evolve. We've been at the forefront of its change, leading the way in order to achieve a singular goal: We're here to provide evidence-based healthcare solutions so that women and their families can thrive.

So wether we're helping you leverage technology in order to increase health outcomes or working alongside you as a partner in a larger vision, when our mission combines with your passion, the end is always live-changing care.

"We partnered with Sonder Health on a 14 month engagement for a very big hospital project. One of Sonder Health's very big strong points is their organizational skills…. and then on top of that Sonder Health's expertise in specific clinical and advisory spaces, which allows them to help hospitals see how they're losing money (in ways they might not necessarily be looking for) and, as a result, this drives additional revenue for those hospitals."  

- Sandeep 'Sonny' Hyare, MD, ReMedi Health Solutions

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