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Our nation-wide network of board-certified telemedicine experts have become frontline caregivers who are helping other frontline caregivers. 

We're changing the face of healthcare to make it more accessible nationwide. 

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3 Million

women initiate lactation every year.

Unfortunately, the US currently has the lowest breastfeeding rates anywhere in the world, contributing to higher maternal and infant mortality & morbidity rates and costing over 3 billion dollars in healthcare expenses annually. 


that try to breastfeed have problems.

And those problems can happen anytime day or night. 

The early weeks postpartum are a critical period for both infant feeding and timely access to support is critical for success.


don't reach their own breastfeeding goals.

More than half (60%) of those women who intended to breastfeed did not meet their breastfeeding goals, instead switching, in part or entirely, to infant formula for feeding.

3-4 hours

is the window of time to fix a problem.

If problems are left unaddressed, it can become a more urgent care issue, leading to increase costs, a higher risk for early weaning, and poorer health outcomes.

This is how you change the statistics.

Utilizing trained telehealth board certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs) can help increase the initiation, duration, and exclusivity of breastfeeding while providing expert care that is accessible and convenient.  Improved health outcomes and reduced readmissions for conditions such as jaundice, weight loss, dehydration, and breast infections are potential benefits, as well.


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And when you leverage Sonder Health’s proven telemedicine platform, here’s what you can count on: 

  • Clinically effective and cost-effective care that includes nationwide support in all 50 states
  • 7/365 access to specialty-trained telehealth board certified lactation consultants, dietitians, and more
  • Education, pain management, and stress resilience techniques
  • Increased patient satisfaction and additional cultural, psychosocial, and nutritional support
  • Be a market leader in women's health

And that’s just the start. Watch a telelactation consult in action. 

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“Being able to schedule an online appointment not only offers a great deal of convenience, but also provides access to mothers whose hospitals do not provide lactation consultants. 
For many small communities, accessing a lactation consultant could involve a long drive to another city, so having help a click away provides access to those who would otherwise be isolated.”


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