Want to breastfeed your baby but concerned you might not succeed? 

This one simple breastfeeding technique can prevent pain, bump up your milk production, and ensure latching for you and your baby. 

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The videos told me everything I need to know… Couldn’t stop watching them!

The videos told me everything I need to know… Couldn’t stop watching them!

If you PLAN to breastfeed you should PREPARE to breastfeed!

Natural Breastfeeding

Discover why the special needs and abilities of newborns make Natural Breastfeeding a far easier and more effective way to avoid the common early problems of nipple pain, insufficient milk supply and difficulty latching.

2/3 of new mothers who start off expecting to exclusively breastfeed for the 3 first months are unable to meet this goal.

Getting Your Mind Ready

Myths or false beliefs can sabotage breastfeeding success.

Learn how to separate fact from fiction and understand why the images we hold in our minds of the proper way to breastfeed and the instructions given by lactation consultants make the initial weeks of breastfeeding unnecessarily complicated, confusing and painful!

Preparing Places

Although Natural Breastfeeding techniques are simple and easy to learn in a few minutes, preparing your home and practicing a few simple training exercises will go a long way towards making your early breast feeding experiences successful instead of stressful.  

This module will give you the confidence you need to avoid feeling overwhelmed when the big day arrives!

Look + Learn 

Learn how recent discoveries in the field of neuroscience have provided powerful insights into how humans learn. 

Our brain’s mirror neurons are strongly activated when we watch other people performing a skill.

This module contains over 60 short videos in which mothers and babies demonstrate key moves and address common questions and concerns!

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Too often women plan to breastfeed but aren’t prepared. It’s overwhelming to try and learn something new and unfamiliar while coping with all the changes that accompany giving birth. 

Luckily YOU will be set up, ready to go, and primed to really enjoy these first few months after your baby’s birth.

All of this utter relief, planning, and preparation is a one-time, low investment.

As soon as you purchase it, you’ll get immediate access to every single video. Everything you need to know to breastfeed with confidence will be right at your fingertips.

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I was so glad I prepared. The program gave me a lot of confidence when I got completely overwhelmed.

I was so glad I prepared. The program gave me a lot of confidence when I got completely overwhelmed.

Set Yourself Up For Success

We know exactly what it's like when pregnancy and parenting get complicated, mostly because we've been there, too, and have been helping families like yours for over three decades.
When you need an extra level of support to help solve some of your biggest challenges, our clinical experts are here to help.

Meet Your Instructors

Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA

I used these discoveries as I helped breastfeeding families, and the results have been amazing. You see, all mothers bring their own unique experiences and learning to the delivery room, but their newborns are all remarkably similar.
For many years, I mistakenly believed that the responsibility for breastfeeding rested squarely on mothers’ shoulders. But I came to understand that nature gives baby a toolbox of essential skills and that even a newborn can be an active breastfeeding partner. I had found the last piece of the breastfeeding puzzle. All I had to do was turn it over and put it in its place.
That’s when I met Dr. Theresa. Although our journeys looked very different, we had covered the same ground. We knew what to do, and we now knew why it worked. When we put our heads together, we figured out the “where” and the “how.” And that’s when Natural Breastfeeding was born. 
Sadly, most mothers who struggle with breastfeeding think the only solution is to try harder, but that’s frustrating and exhausting. Wouldn’t it be better instead to make breastfeeding easier? Rather than tackling every issue—latching struggles, milk supply, sore nipples—individually, why not use a single innovative approach that addresses many challenges at once? That’s what Natural Breastfeeding is all about.


Dr Theresa Nesbitt, OB/GYN

I found that breastfeeding my son was so enjoyable as long as I had him in the right position. Then when I returned to work as an Obstetrician I occasionally recommended this technique to new moms who were struggling with getting their newborns to latch or having incisional pain from a C-section. 
I was hesitant to openly recommend it because the nurses would often tell the moms it was “wrong”. But I knew that these moms were desperate and it seemed to work when nothing else would.
Over the years I learned that my “trick” wasn’t magic, it has strong scientific roots. I had studied current neuroscience, brain research, evolutionary medicine and lactation in humans and other mammals. I thought that I had uncovered the answer but all I had was a large piece of the puzzle.
It wasn’t until I met international breastfeeding expert and advocate Nancy Mohrbacher that I was able to see the entire picture. Together we developed a new approach to help overcome the common hurdles that mothers and babies face in the first few weeks after birth. 
We began calling it “Natural Breastfeeding” and started teaching it to our close friends and family. It worked wonderfully for them too! Because of this success we knew that we had to share this simple secret of Natural Breastfeeding with everyone. That’s when Nancy and I decided to put our resources together and create the Natural Breastfeeding Program…


Diane Wiessinger, MS, IBCLC

Well finally! Lots and lots of online breastfeeding videos—real mothers, real babies, real breasts, real shapes and sizes—all in one place and wrapped in makes-sense text. Football holds, equipment, and rules? Nope. Those are sports terms, not breastfeeding essentials. Natural Breastfeeding is just what it says: a natural, commonsense, casual approach that mothers and babies have used for as long as there have been mothers and babies.
The six modules lead you from myth-busting to mirror neurons to a bag of bird seed to what’s wrong with this picture? By the end you’ll understand how to adjust your body, adjust your baby, and adjust your breast in ways that work for you. And along the way you can watch other new mothers learning along with you. 
Spending time with happily nursing mothers will always be the best way to learn breastfeeding. Natural Breastfeeding helps you find those all-important resources and backs them up with the who, what, why, who, when, where, and how of starting your own breastfeeding relationship. It’s a breastfest in your pocket.


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